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Endodontic Surgery


Endodontic surgery is a great option for people for whom a root canal might not work. Endodontic surgery uses digital imaging and operating microscopes to detect fractures and hidden canals that weren’t previously detected. There’s a wide variety of surgeries that Dr. Firas Marsheh performs, however, the most common is an apicoectomy.


The apicoectomy, also known as a root-end resection, is often needed when the infection around the bony area at the base of the root become chronic. During this procedure, you’ll be under general or local anesthesia. Dr. Marsheh will create an incision that allows them to access the bone. Any infected bone and tissue will be removed. Dr. Marsheh will also remove the end of the root, along with a sealant to prevent additional infection. Finally, you’ll receive a few stitches.

Over a period of a few months, the bone and tissue will heal, however, you can typically return to your normal routine the next day.


Replantation is a complicated procedure used to save a tooth that’s near death. This procedure is commonly used when a root canal cannot be performed or retreated with a reasonable chance of success.If the tooth is in decent or salvageable shape, Dr. Marsheh may opt for this option. This treatment option is often used for teeth that have been avulsed (knocked out or torn out). During this procedure, Dr. Marsheh will take the tooth and surgically implant it into your jawbone.

If you’re looking for an experienced endodontist in New York City, contact the team at Madison Avenue Endodontics. Dr. Marsheh is committed to providing each patient with the best treatment necessary.

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